Reality Check

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Reality Check (RC) is made up of teens across New York State who expose the truth about tobacco and e-cigarettes and the marketing practices of the tobacco and e-cigarette industry.

The teens of RC work on various activities and local actions, as well as alongside other RC groups in every New York State county, and as part of a national and international youth voice against the tobacco industry’s efforts to recruit “replacement smokers”.  We can’t let them hook a new generation on nicotine!

Reality Check teens host events, meetings and trainings, conduct street marketing actions and more, all in order to educate and bring awareness in their communities and get people to take action in meaningful ways to reduce the impact of tobacco and e-cigarettes.

Our Goals:

  • To expose the manipulative and deceptive marketing tactics of the tobacco and e-cigarette industry
  • To empower youth across New York State to become leaders in their communities
  • To produce change in our communities through grassroots mobilization and education
  • To empower youth to see they are more than just replacement smokers for the tobacco and e-cigarette industry

Interested in hearing more about Reality Check at your school or organization?  Contact us!